Very often, the real life scenario for a business transformation starts with the infrastructure architecture because the management (CFO, CIO, CFO) had already chosen the future business model and the Infrastructure Architect had to come up with the best fit to match the management “model”. But, wait, it gets worst because in real life scenarios the CIO or the IT Director will have an Infrastructure architecture “solution”, and you, the Infrastructure Architect have to make it happened!

It is a compromise, you have to come up with the best possible design, to match the management requirements and to stay on budget, the only possible variation from this solution is when you find some technical details which can be a show stopper like hardware incompatibility or applications incompatibility with specific platforms, etc.

Now, let’s set aside the frustration created by the above mentioned issues and concentrate on the Infrastructure Architecture. It is also known as the Technical Architecture and basically deals with the structure and behavior of the technology infrastructure and covers the client and server nodes of the hardware configuration, the infrastructure applications that run on them, the infrastructure services they offer to applications, the protocols and networks that connect applications and nodes.

Infrastructure architecture model

Figure 1 Infrastructure Architecture Model


The above figure presents a possible Infrastructure Architecture Model where you have the building block of the Infrastructure Architecture (Business Functions, Architecture, Technology, Organization, Financial and Training) presented in three phases:

Current Environment (PMO) – where the blocks are randomly distributed.

Transition Environment (TMO) – where the blocks are starting to get in order.

Target Environment (FMO) – where the blocks are organized in the best possible working solution.

I have chosen the above model and the multi colored blocks because it should be a constant reminder for all architects that the Target Environment you have reached today is the Current Environment of tomorrow and the building blocks will gradually become randomly distributed again!  As the below quote mentioned: “The future is here, it’s just not widely distributed yet!”




Figure 2 Quote from John Sing, Director of Technology presentation


Finally, your project is finished, your new Infrastructure Architecture is done, it is a perfect cube with multi-colored little cubes perfectly interlocked.